Wealth Inequality and the Meritocracy Myth
By Mike Benefiel

The rapidly growing wealth inequality gap is one of the major threats to our democracy. One factor that feeds this threat is the myth of meritocracy.
Meritocracy is defined as a system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement. The myth, promoted by the wealthy, is that those that get advanced do so because they have more individual ability and/or have achieved more.
But the truth is that every facet of life is rigged so that advancement is based on wealth.
The recent exposure of the cheating by the wealthy to get their under qualified children into “good” schools should not shock anyone. And most likely only the tip of the iceberg was exposed.
While the lower classes struggle to pay for the education of their children and watch their college students go into major debt, the wealthy cruise by regardless of their merit. They and their children cheat their way to advancement. And yet the wealthy will tell us that the lack of advancement of the lower classes is because they don’t have the ability or don’t work hard enough. This is the myth, the lie.
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