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PCO Registration is Closed

PCO Candidate Application filing closed on May 18th. If you applied to become a PCO Candidate and, no other Democrats apply to be a PCO, in your precinct, you will be elected as the PCO in your Precinct during the August Primary. If more than one candidate, from the Democratic Party, applies to be PCO’s in the same Precenict the PCO for contested Precincts will be elected during the November election. The names of both candidates will be placed on the ballot for the November election.

Current PCO appointments will expire November 30, 2018. The 23rd Legislative District will undergo a reorganization following the November Election. PCO vacancies may be filled by appointment after the re-organization.

Current PCO’s and PCO Candidates may download a copy of the PCO Handbook by clicking the button shown below



23rd LD Precinct Information

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Vacant PCO Positions

Bainbridge Island Vacant PCO Positions

302 Azalea
320 Island Center
332 Lovgren
340 Port Madison

North Kitsap Vacacnt PCO Positions

423 Highland
426 Evergreen Ridge
455 Scandia

Bremerton Vacant PCO Positions

56 Bremerton
66 Sylvan
82 Ueland
102 Frontier
127 Woodmere
129 Winston
131 Regal
137 Firglade
140 Gilberton
142 University Point
147 Barker Creek
170 Tracyton

Silverdale Vacant PCO Positions

101 Trident
106 Old Frontier
120 Clear Creek
121 Bucklin
122 Luoto
146 Spinnaker
150 Meadowdale
427 Island Lake