A short personal opinion article by Ginny Bell for your consideration.

The first set of Democratic Presidential Debates revealed that most of the candidates are reasonably articulate and well versed in their particular campaign promises. Beyond the candidate’s various stances on issues there are critical experiences, skills and qualities the future president should have. Here is what I want to know about the candidate.

The entire Executive Branch is the responsibility of the president. Enormous volumes of information must be analyzed and acted upon or delegated to the appropriate department in a thoughtful timely manner. Critical decisions made daily.

Does this candidate have experience as the executive of a large complex organization, business or governmental entity with bottom line responsibility?

The president represents the interests of the United States in foreign affairs, negotiations, alliances, treaties, defense and so much more. What significant experience does this candidate have of traveling to or living in other countries? Which countries?

Has the candidate served in the military or have significant depth of knowledge concerning defense (e.g. Senator on the Defense Committee)?

Has the candidate demonstrated the ability to bring disparate groups together to negotiate, create consensus and pass legislation or get results that stand the test of time?

Does the candidate have a track record of fighting against big money interests?

Does the candidate’s platform display fiscal responsibility and respect for the American taxpayer? Does the candidate have an agenda that will appeal to the moderate Democrat, Independent or swing voter?

Your early support is key to having a broad (including moderate) slate of candidates going forward. Please support your favorite candidate(s) with a financial contribution.

Please note – this is my personal opinion. It doesn’t represent any other entity.

Ginny Bell

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