Healthcare for All

Posted By Mike Benefiel

One of the most important issues facing us today is providing healthcare for all Americans.

Many people, especially most Democrats recognize that decent, affordable healthcare is a right for all Americans. There are many horror stories and myths associated with today’s healthcare system. See link from Physician for a National Health Program for some myths and facts about today’s healthcare system.

One of the main talking points used by those that favor the status quo system is “how are we going to pay for a single payer system?” Here are a couple of facts because
the answer is simple. Last year the healthcare industry made profits of $188,000,000,000, that’s 188 billion dollars according to Bob Herman at AXIOS get these profits from raising premiums, charging bloated medical costs, and denial of coverages.

OpenSecrets.Org reports the health care industry used about $556,000,000 to “lobby” our elected officials in 2018. No other modern nation allows this. These profits could be used to provide more coverage, lower premiums, and lower medical costs. Studies have shown that “Medicare For All” would cover all Americans, provide greater coverages and reduce the costs to individuals. See ThinkProgress for the study.

The Democrats in Congress have gotten the message that most people, 70% of Americans support Medicare For All according to CNBC Washington Democrats canvassing put health care for all at the top of their list of concerns. There are nine proposals for improving healthcare. This Vox article provides summaries of all these plans. They do not, however, compare the costs of each plan.

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