A Message from the Chair of the 23rd LD Democrats

23rd LD Democrats Officers and Executive Board Members for 2019-20


Executive Board Members 2019

These members join the following elected/appointed officers:

The mission of the 23rd LD Democrats is to create an environment that fosters progressive ideals, stimulates community involvement, informs the public about issues, takes an active role in campaigns and helps to shape the polices that affect us all.

The 23rd LD achieves this mission by:

  • Recruiting, training, organizing and equipping PCOs in their grassroots work
  • Helping registered Democrats connect with their PCOs
  • Informing and educating the public about the democratic process, and specific organizations and functions of our local government
  • Inviting the public to engage in the democratic process through meetings, membership, canvassing and other organized activities
  • Supporting opportunities for activism and engagement through partners and other independent like-minded groups

Executive Board, Mission & Bylaws, Standing Committees

The mission and bylaws of the 23rd LD Democrats are the guiding documents by which we operate. The bylaws are reviewed every two years and re-approved at our reorganizational meeting.

The mission of this organization shall be:

  A. To express the Democratic Party’s basic principles of inclusion and diversity by welcoming all 23rd Legislative District citizens who share Democratic values in organizational activities.

  B. To contribute to the development and advancement of the ideas and principles that constitute the core values of the Democratic Party.

  C. To promote such actions as to ensure that all levels of government function for the common good of both its current citizens and future generations.

  D. To build and maintain an effective local Democratic organization for the purpose of:

    1. Recruiting, supporting, and electing candidates to office who reflect the values and positions of the 23rd Central Committee;

    2. Promoting positions on issues of public policy that are consistent with the values and positions of the 23rd Central Committee;

    3. Maximizing the Democratic vote in all elections.

The mission and bylaws of the 23rd LD Democrats are the guiding documents by which we operate. The bylaws are reviewed every two years and re-approved at our reorganizational meeting.



The goal of this committee:

  1. Help members of the 23rd LD keep abreast of top issues

  2. Publish information re. issues and elected officials (and candidates) on our website “www.kitsap23rd.com”, on our FaceBook page “23rd Legislative District Democrats”, and via email.

  3. Keep in contact with elected officials with regard to top issues via:

     Town hall meetings

     Letters and emails

     Meeting with elected officials and/or staff

  4. Coordinate with the Communications Committee and Call to Action Committee to accomplish goals.

Updated: 5-26-19

23rd LD Democrats Rise & Organize Committee

Purpose and Guidelines (Revised April, 26, 2018)

Purpose:  Each meeting will be focused on planning or executing an action to: 

  1. Elect Democrats to key positions.
   2. Influence appointed (i.e. U.S. Secretary of Interior) or elected officials.
   3. Support issues and legislation which are widely accepted by Democrats. Examples of this: require background checks for gun show          buyers and sellers; prohibit drilling or exploration of Washington coastlines; support DACA eligible immigrant rights; …
Due to the self-imposed constraints of time, this group will have a narrow focus and be action oriented.
We are meeting monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month.
Meetings will be held at Puerta Vallarta in Kingston. It has a relatively quiet back room with plenty of tables and we all found something we enjoyed eating.
Gather at 11:45 and plan to be finished by 1:30.
Meetings will be the held monthly Our Legislative District 23 Democratic Party general meeting is held on the 4th Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm. Ginny Bell will go to these meetings and share relevant information with the group. Others are encouraged to join her and perhaps carpool.
We will wear name tags to facilitate learning each others’ names.
We recognize that each of us has various beliefs and issues that are important to us. Individually we may be participating in other activist or issues based groups. To facilitate timely meetings, information about these groups and their actions and events are best shared outside of the meeting time (after the meeting, or via email or social media).
Please limit comments to one or two minutes. Focus on positive messaging and solutions.
Members of this group are encouraged to suggest actions for the group to take in future meetings. To save time, please email the supporting information, cite references and proposed action/letter/petition/event invitation to the meeting chair and other members 5 days in advance of the meeting. An agenda will be emailed two days in advance of the meeting.

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