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    Candidates who are endorsed or approved and represent all or part of the 23rd LD are eligible to receive financial, communication and volunteer support from the 23rd LD Democrats during the campaign.  While candidates who are endorsed or approved and do not represent all or part of the 23rd LD are not eligible to receive financial contributions from the 23rd LD Democrats organization, information about their campaign activities, events and volunteer needs is shared with the members of the 23rd LD.


    The 23rd LD Democrats have the responsibility of nominating Democratic candidates for the Washington State Legislature.  The 23rd LD Democrats unanimously nominated Representative Sherry Appleton, Position 1 and Representative Drew Hansen, Position 2 to be the Democratic nominees in the 2014 elections.

    The 23rd LD Democrats Endorse the following candidates for office in 2014:

    Congress, 6th District—Derek Kilmer

    23rd State Rep. Position 1—Sherry Appleton

    23rd State Rep. Position 2—Drew Hansen

    Judge, Court of Appeals—Lisa Sutton

    Kitsap County Auditor—Dolores Gilmore

    Kitsap County Clerk—Dave Peterson

    Kitsap County Commissioner, District 3—Linda Streissguth

    Kitsap County Sheriff—Gary Simpson

    Kitsap County Treasurer—Meredith Green

    26th LD State Representative—Nathan Schlicher

    26th LD State Senator—Judy Arbogast

    35th LD State Senator—Irene Bowling


    The 23rd LD Democrats Approve the following candidates for office in 2014:

    Kitsap County Prosecutor—Russ Hauge

    Kitsap District Court Judge—Claire Bradley and Tracy Flood

    Kitsap County Assessor—Paul Andrews and Garry Sobeck

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    Fun Time for All at Kitsap County Democrats Annual Dinner Auction

    Governor Jay Inslee and Washingtonian of the Day, Natalie Bryson

    Jay & Trudi Inslee with good friend, Natalie Bryson

    US Rep. Derek Kilmer and 23rd LD Senator Christine Rolfes

    US Rep. Derek Kilmer and 23rd LD Rep. Sherry Appleton

    Ginger and Jim Sommerhauser

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    You Can Still Renew Your 2014 Membership!

    It is time to renew your membership to the 23rd LD Democrats.  You can do that now by clicking on "Buy Now" below to use your PayPal account or credit card, or you can send a check to 23rd LD Democrats, P. O. Box 368, Poulsbo, WA  98370.

    One-Year Membership

    Remember, too, that when you join both the 23rd LD Democrats and the Kitsap County Democrats, you save $5.  The joint membership costs only $44 per year.  Please show your support for the Democratic Party in Kitsap County by joining both organizations.

    Your membership helped the 23rd LD Democrats elect responsive candidates to office in 2013.  The 23rd LD Democrats endorsed candidates in 9 races this fall.  We won 6 of those 9 races.  Of the contested races in which our endorsed candidate won, we won with an average of 65% of the vote.  That doesn't just happen by chance.  That kind of success comes from a strong, active and committed membership working for and voting for our endorsed candidates.   
    We have a lot more work to do in the next several years.  In 2014 we will be re-electing our two state house members--Representative Drew Hansen and Representative Sherry Appleton.  We will also be voting for Kitsap County Commissioner.  In 2015 we will have more local and municipal races to work on and work on the 2016 presidential race will begin.  Then the 2016 elections bring the presidential race and many statewide races.  Your membership helps us get ready to meet these challenges.   
    Please take a few minutes right now to renew your membership.  We look forward to counting you among our members in 2014. 

    One-Year Membership

    Your Support Makes a Great Difference
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    Interested in helping build the Democratic Party in Kitsap County—Become a PCO!


    The 23rd LD has many precincts without Precinct Committee Officers.  Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) are a building block of the Democratic Party in Kitsap County and Washington state. They are the grassroots organizing base for all Democratic Party activities.

    If you are interested in being a PCO, please contact the chair of the 23rd LD Democrats and request an application or download and print the application from the "News Updates" page of this website. 





    A Message from the Chair of the 23rd LD Democrats

    As the chair of the 23rd LD Democrats, it is my honor to serve the membership and Precinct Committee Officers to further the mission of our organization to elect good Democrats to office. This is not a job that is done alone, but rather is a team of dedicated volunteers that roll up their sleeves, dive in and get the job done.
    We welcome your involvement as well.  Take a look around the site, as the content and news items will change with regularity. Please feel free to sign up for the 23rd LD General News email list.  This email list is the 23rd LD Democrats most used method of communicating with the public. To sign up, just email: and provide your full name, email address, and zip code.
    All the best,

    Mary Bryant, Chair



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